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The RSC Policy Briefing entitled “Investing in Canada’s Nursing Workforce Post-Pandemic: A Call to Action” is now freely and publicly available here

Nurses represent the highest proportion of health care workers globally and have played an essential role in the ongoing efforts against COVID-19. Although the pandemic has magnified multiple vulnerabilities within Canada’s health care system, many of these issues are longstanding and have contributed to critical nursing shortages. This is an extraordinarily urgent issue for our healthcare system, and through this policy briefing that brought together key Canadian experts, we are pleased to identify actionable strategies and policies that will help create a strong and sustained nursing workforce in this country,” said Dr. Gail Tomblin Murphy, Chair of the Working Group and Dr. Tara Sampalli, Co-Chair of the Working Group.

The RSC has prepared Policy Briefings and other resources to ensure open access to independent, evidence-based science for Canadians.

On May 26 at 12:00 pm EST, the RSC is hosting an hour-long free virtual Webinar convening some of the authors to discuss key recommendations outlined in the Policy Briefing.

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