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Committee Mandate

October 2023

An update for Council from the International Secretary and International Committee: 
Paul Young

Recent Activities

S7 – 2023 Process (Science Academies of the G7)

As a follow up to the S7, we continue to focus the annual RSC Research Summit on one of the key issues arising from the S7 process. The 2023 approved statements of the G7 science academies can be found here. This year the RSC One Health Task Force has formulated a research summit programme for COEE2023 that will discuss the many faceted components of Healthy Ageing. Details of the summit can be found here and will be held just prior to COEE2023. 

S20 – 2023 Process (Science Academies of the G20) 

The 2023 approved statements of the G20 science academies can be found here. For various reasons this year not all academies of the G20 endorsed the statements. The theme for the S20 is “Disruptive Science for Innovative and Sustainable Society” and focuses on three topics, (i) Clean Energy for a Greener Future, (ii) Universal Holistic Health - Cure and Prevention of Disease, (iii) Connecting Science to Society and Culture.  

Inter-Academy Partnership on Indigenous Engagement  

The RSC, Royal Society Te Apārangi (New Zealand) and the Australian Academy of Sciences have agreed to hold joint academy days on indigenous knowledge. The President of the College, Professor Frank Deer, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Education, is leading this RSC initiative. 

The first of these Inter-Academy Partnership events will take place in 2024 in British Columbia where the Royal Society of Canada will serve as host (at a time that corresponds with our Celebration of Excellence and Engagement). In 2025, Royal Society Te Apārangi will host, followed by the Australian Academy of Science in 2026. Planning for these events is ongoing and leadership and engagement is being coordinated with indigenous Fellows and young academy members from the three academies.  

Royal Society of Canada and the Royal Society (UK) Frontiers of Science Event on Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Both academies have agreed to jointly organize a Frontiers of Science meeting focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it could be used to tackle the grand challenges facing humanity. The participants would be selected in the main from the RSC’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists and the UK Young Academy. Two program Co-Chairs have been selected (one from each academy) to formulate a multi-disciplinary program that engages all participants. The two young academy Co-Chairs are Dr. Nicolas Papernot (RSC College) from Canada and Dr. Vaishak Belle from the UK. Twenty researchers from each young academy will be invited, all with an active role in participation. The meeting will be hosted in Ottawa in February 2024 and will provide an opportunity for possible embassy engagement in additional activities." 

Acknowledgment and Thanks  

The International Secretary would like to thank and acknowledge the numerous experts and members of the RSC who have been consulted, provided advice, reviewed documents, or accepted invitations to participate in events. He also thanks the current International Committee, RSC President, Academy Presidents and Executive Director and staff for their contributions.