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The RSC’s International Engagement Strategy

1. The RSC will address major global challenges collaboratively by mobilizing its multidisciplinary and multigenerational leadership with other National Academies to understand the current state of knowledge.

  • To identify research
  • To identify knowledge gap in technology and policy development, and 
  • To share approaches and action plans to address some of the world’s most pressing issues. 

2. The RSC will advance inclusive excellence through international collaboration. In proactively updating our own practices with respect to gender, diversity and inclusion, the RSC recognizes that a wide range of approaches are required to address these global issues. The RSC will work collaboratively with other national academies to enhance mutual learning toward more effective modes of inclusive excellence.

3. Through its Committee on Public Engagement, the RSC will continue its commitment to contributing to the defense of human rights through the leadership of the Human Rights Network based at the US National Academies. 

4. The advisory capacity of the RSC will be marshalled in collaboration with our cohort Academies around the world to monitor emerging trends of research and provide a ‘Canadian perspective’ on selected advisory documents.