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Committee Mandate

May 2022

An update for Council from the International Secretary and International Committee: 
Paul Young

Recent Activities

S7 – 2022 Process (Science Academies of the G7)

The presidency of the G7 in 2022 is Germany and we have received final statements from the German National Academy Leopoldina on the following:

The Need for a One Health Approach to Zoonotic Diseases and Antimicrobial Resistance. 

Antiviral Drugs: Increasing Preparedness for the Next Pandemic 

Ocean and Cryosphere: The Need for Urgent International Action 

Decarbonisation: The Case for Urgent International Action 

A S7 Dialogue Forum, policy session and handover of the statements to government will be held in Berlin on 31 May, 2022. The RSC President and International Secretary will participate in these proceedings and further information can be found at the S7 Dialogue Forum website. The G7 government’s G7 Summit will be held 26-28 June, 2022.

S20 – 2022 Process (Science Academies of the G20)  

The presidency of the G20 in 2022 is Indonesia and the RSC has received draft documents from the Indonesian National Academy of Science. These have been peer reviewed by the RSC and the other S20 academies and are currently being updated and cover the following 5 priority issues within the theme “Recover Together, Recover Stronger”:

Building a Resilient Health System

Advancing Sustainable Low Carbon Health System

Bolstering Multi, Inter-, and Trans-Disciplinary Science and Technology for Climate Change and Pandemic Preparedness

Guarantee that People are at the Center 

Strengthening the Nexus between Data-Research-Policy-Practice for Climate Change and Pandemic Preparedness

We are awaiting the revised drafts in preparation for a S20 summit and handover to G20 on 20-21 Sept in advance of the G20 government’s G20 Summit will be held 30-31 Oct, 2022. 

United Nations (UN) International Year (2022) of Basic Science for sustainable Development

The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution proclaiming the year in December 2021. The RSC is one of many organizations globally supporting the initiative including the International Science Council and UNESCO. Details of its goals can be found at IYBSSD2022. The year will highlight the role of basic science in sustainable development and their contribution to the 17 UN sustainable development goals. We are currently planning a special session at the Calgary COEE. 

Other International Initiatives ongoing

The Inter Academy Partnership (IAP) General Assembly and Worldwide Meeting of Young Academies (November 2022)

The theme of the conference will be 'Inclusive Excellence: Harnessing knowledge for sustainable societies' and will be hosted by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) and the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) and co-organized by IAP, the Global Young Academy (GYA), NAS, RSC, the RSC College, and the NAS New Voices Program. The meeting will take place at Biosphere 2, Arizona, USA, on 1-3 November 2022. The RSC President, Professor Jeremy McNeil, is on the organizing committee along with the RSC College President, Professor Karly Kehoe.

One Health Summit Pre-RSC COEE event, Lake Louise, Alberta (November 21-23)

Each year the RSC have a symposium at our annual meeting in November that focuses on one or more of the G7 Statements. This year we have chosen One Health. This will be an invite only event that will be held at the Fairmont Lake Louise just prior to the RSC annual COEE meeting. We are inviting experts from the G7 National Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) Academies, the Science (S) Academies, and the Young Academies (YA). With guests from government including chief advisors and indigenous leaders. Our focus here is to bring Young Academies and Social Sciences and Humanities experts into the discussion much more and directly. The focus of this meeting would be collective global action and the University of Calgary is then planning a symposium at the COEE Annual meeting with a focus on Canadian One Health initiatives and challenges. The hope would be that climate and ecology health, together with animal and human health experts would discuss key questions and lead to recommendations that G7 governments could engage collectively to address and would subsequently create engagement at national and local levels. We wish to highlight One Health approaches at all levels.

Joint Academy Day on “Indigenous Engagement – Sharing Knowledge and Experience”. 

The RSC and the Royal Society of New Zealand are discussing how best to proceed with a joint academy day on indigenous knowledge to be held in 2023. The incoming President of the College Professor Frank Deer, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Education, has agreed to help develop this Joint Academy Day programme. 

Acknowledgment and Thanks

The International Secretary would like to thank and acknowledge the numerous experts and members of the RSC who have been consulted, provided advice, reviewed documents or accepted invitations to participate in events. He also thanks the current International Committee and academy presidents for their contributions.