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The Awards nomination period is now closed.

For reference, instructions for how to submit a nomination can be found in the following guide. 2022 guide.
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Nominations for the RSC's 2022 should have been submitted by email no later than March 31st, 2022 at 8:00pm (Eastern time). Dossiers are to be submitted via email to

Alice Wilson Award - To three women of outstanding academic qualifications in the Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences or Science who are entering a career in scholarship or research at the postdoctoral level. (Not open to external nominations)

Bancroft Award - For instruction and research in the science of geology.

Flavelle Medal - For meritorious achievement in biological science.

Innis-Gérin Medal - For a distinguished and sustained contribution to the literature of the social sciences.

J.B. Tyrrell Historical Medal - For outstanding work in the history of Canada.

John L. Synge Award - To acknowledge outstanding research in any of the branches of the mathematical sciences.

Kitty Newman Award - For outstanding contributions from an emerging scholar in the field of philosophy. (Not open to external nominations)

Lorne Pierce Medal - For an achievement in critical or imaginative literature.

McLaughlin Medal - For important research of sustained excellence in medical science.

Michael P. Païdoussis Medal - For recognition of an individual who has made outstanding contributions to research, education and leadership in applied mechanics. Solid continuum mechanics, fluid mechanics and fluid-structure interaction are all included.

Miroslaw Romanowski Medal - For scientific work relating to environmental problems.

Rutherford Memorial Medals - For outstanding research in physics and in chemistry.

Ursula Franklin Award in Gender Studies - For contributions to furthering our understanding of issues concerning gender.

Willet G. Miller Medal - For outstanding research in earth sciences and ocean & atmospheric sciences.

Yvan Allaire Medal - Recognizes an outstanding contribution in governance of public and private organizations. 

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Dragan (