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  Timothy Steeves (Chair)   11/21 - 11/24
  Sandra Byers    01/19 - 11/24
  Susan Andrews   11/22 - 11/25
  Xander Wang    01/23 - 11/26
  Sheila Garland   05/23 - 11/26
  Shauntay Grant      03/24 - 11/27
  Sara Iverson    04/24 - 11/27
  Elaine Simpson (Administrator)   01/16 -


As result of a generous gift from Sandra and Arthur Irving, the RSC established RSC Atlantic in 2008. The RSC and the Fellowship are grateful to the Irvings for their continuing support of Atlantic Canadian scholars and universities.

RSC Atlantic is a first step towards engaging more directly and dynamically with RSC Fellows, New Scholars, Institutional Members, as well as existing and new stakeholders (e.g., high school students), community groups (e.g., local libraries, hospitals), and potential private sector supporters, in Atlantic Canada. RSC Atlantic holds as its mandate: 1) to promote the RSC in Atlantic Canada; 2) to promote appropriate participation from Atlantic Canada in RSC Nominating Committees, Standing Committees, Task Forces, and Expert Panels; and 3) to undertake a range of activities in Atlantic Canada in support of strategic directions outlined in the current RSC Strategic Plan.


1) Open Academies

The primary objective of the Open Academy program is to engage researchers, scholars, performers, and the general public in stimulating discussion about a topic of current interest. Additional objectives include promoting Atlantic Canadian artists and scholars and reinforcing the Royal Society of Canada’s profile within Atlantic Canada. 

The Open Academy program envisions an event bringing together scholars and/or artists with members of the public to foster discussion and debate. Through the imaginative contributions of successful applicants, the program can include live theatre production, exhibitions, and premiere movie events, all followed by panel discussions.   (See examples below)

Up to 15 Open Academies can be funded annually to Atlantic Canada host institutions (which must be RSC institutional members). The allocated budget per event is a maximum of $5,000.  

To obtain more specific information about an Open Academy or to obtain an application form, please contact Elaine Simpson of RSC Atlantic at

2) Invited Lectures by RSC Atlantic Fellows

RSC Fellows may elect to deliver RSC-sponsored public lectures at an institution other their own, but normally within Atlantic Canada, to inform interested colleagues or members of the public of the cumulative impact of their research, scholarship or artistic activities. Such lectures will be held on an occasional basis, as an opportunity arises. Sponsorship of lectures outside of Atlantic Canada is permitted, on an occasional basis, if a compelling rationale can be provided. Under no circumstance will RSC Atlantic sponsor a speaker to an organized meeting, e.g., meetings of societies, ad hoc colloquia, etc.  A Fellow/Member will be allocated only one such grant in their lifetime.  Application may be made by the Fellow/Member or a representative of the Institutional Member where the lecture will occur.  (Up to $1500 per lecture.)  Contact Elaine Simpson of RSC Atlantic at for an application form.

3) Public Lectures by New RSC Atlantic Fellows and New Scholars

In the three years following election, new RSC Atlantic Fellows and members of the College of New Scholars are invited to present a seminar or public lecture on their research to celebrate their election and promote the RSC. This lecture will be organized by the Fellow/Member and their home institution, but RSC Atlantic will help bear the costs of the event and its advertising. (Up to $1000 per lecture) Contact Elaine Simpson of RSC Atlantic at for an application form.

4) Book Releases, Art Displays and Performances

To promote literary and artistic productions by Atlantic Canada RSC Fellows and Members, RSC Atlantic may award sponsoring grants for such events. Only one such application may be made in the lifetime of the Fellow or Member. Funds can be used to cover advertising, venue rental, equipment set up and rental, and moderate entertainment costs, but not alcohol. (Up to $1000 per event.)  Contact Elaine Simpson of RSC Atlantic at for an application form.

5) School Presentations by RSC Atlantic Fellows and Scholars

RSC Fellows and members of the College of New Scholars are encouraged to work with youth in high schools, junior-high schools and elementary schools in Atlantic Canada and to deliver a message about the desirability of pursuing academic excellence. Working in conjunction with other existing programs will be encouraged. Grants may cover moderate transportation costs and housing if needed outside of the applicant's home location.   (Up to $500 per event, no limit on the number of grants that can be held over a lifetime.)  Contact Elaine Simpson of RSC Atlantic at for an application form.