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There are three kinds of members in the RSC family: Fellows, Members of the College, and Institutional Members.

Institutional Members are public or private institutions, corporations or other organizations that have been approved by the Council.

There are currently 63 Institutional Members of the RSC, including universities, Canadian Science Publishing, CFI, CIHR, NSERC, NRC and TRIUMF.

The benefits of Institutional Membership are five-fold:

  1. The opportunity to appoint a delegate as a representative and to vote at meetings of the Members.
  2. The opportunity for input into the strategic direction of the RSC with representation on the RSC Board of Directors and Council. At present, Institutional Member Representative on the RSC Board of Directors of the RSC is Ralph Nilson. The Institutional Member Representatives on the RSC Council are Cecilia Benoit, Ed McCauley and Ralph Nilson.
  3. The opportunity to partner with the RSC in creating and delivering multidisciplinary and multigenerational programming, whether at RSC Branches throughout Canada, at the annual Celebration of Excellence and Engagement, or internationally.
  4. The opportunity (where applicable) to submit nominations for Fellowship, Membership in the College, or RSC Awards directly from the office of the Executive Head.
  5. The opportunity to use convening and meeting spaces in Walter House on a cost-recovery basis.

For universities with <5,000 FTE, the annual membership fee is $5,170; for universities with 5,000-10,000 FTE, it is $10,340; for universities with >10,000, it is $15,510.

Institutions, agencies and organizations devoted to research that are not universities normally have an annual membership fee of $15,510.