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2018 is a banner year for Canada as an international leader addressing global problems using robust science and scholarship. Canada is President of the G7 from January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018. Canada’s hosting of the G7 offers an ideal opportunity to share insights and evidence about urgent global issues, and, along the way, to illustrate how Canada’s substantial research capacity contributes to the making of a better future for all.

In order to seize the G7 opportunity, and in collaboration with domestic and international partners, the RSC has developed a full-year program of initiatives. To begin with, the RSC has selected two topics for joint statements in keeping with the established practice of the G7 Science Academies. These topics are: (1) The Global Arctic: the sustainability of northern communities in the context of changing ocean systems; and (2) Our digital future and its impact on knowledge, industry and the workforce. 

Under the leadership of the RSC, the National Academies of the G7 countries have co-authored these statements to highlight key issues based on the best available knowledge. The final texts were presented in time to enhance the deliberations of G7 Summit of Leaders on June 8-9 in the Charlevoix region of Quebec.

Using the statements as a starting point, the RSC and G7 Academy counterparts, together with provincial, federal and international partners, have organised events throughout 2018 that will enrich discussion on Canada’s official G7 themes, all of which relate to the topics of the two statements.

The next event is a 'Data to Insights' Summit on September 24 and 25 in Ottawa.

Click here for the programme of events, and here for a summary of activities.


Realising our Digital Future and Shaping Its Impact on Knowledge, Industry and th Workforce

The Global Arctic: The Sustainability of COmmunities in the Context of Chaning Ocean Systems