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RSC Policy Briefing on COVID-19 and The Future of Long-Term Care

This morning, the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) is publishing a Policy Briefing called Restoring Trust: COVID-19 and the Future of Long-Term Care. The report is an initiative of the RSC Task Force on COVID-19, which struck a Working Group on Long-Term Care chaired by Dr. Carole Estabrooks of the University of Alberta. The Policy Briefing has been peer-reviewed and consists of an evidence base used by experts in developing urgent recommendations and principles for action. 

This report is the result of tremendous dedication and focus by distinguished scholars which provides decisionmakers a clear set of options at a critical juncture for Canada,” said RSC President Jeremy McNeil.

The report emphasizes that we know enough now to act to save lives,” added Dr. Estabrooks. “This is fundamentally a question of choice”. 

The report is available online now. For further information or for media requests, contact Russel MacDonald at; @RSCTheAcademies 

Members of the Working Group on Long-Term Care

Pat Armstrong, York University 
Véronique Boscart, Conestoga College 
Gail Donner, University of Toronto 
Francine Ducharme, Université de Montréal 
Carole Estabrooks, University of Alberta, Chair
Colleen Flood, University of Ottawa 
Janice Keefe, Mount Saint Vincent University 
James Silvius, University of Calgary 
Sharon Straus, University of Toronto 
Michael Wolfson, University of Ottawa 


The Royal Society of Canada has established a task force of clinical and academic experts specializing in fields related to COVID-19 to equip Canadians with accurate information about our response and recovery. More information is available online.



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