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Join us in Toronto for the fourth installment of the RSC @ Massey series on Freedom of Expression. Hosted by the Academy of Arts and Humanities, the evening will feature a discussion between Jocelyn Maclure and Alexie Tcheuyap.

The freedom to express one’s views is a growing concern, both within and outside of academic circles. Some of the features of these concerns include the influence of social media as a “virtual town square” for open dialogue, the impact of media bias on content, and the potential for universities and other institutions to “de-platform” speakers or dismiss them from employment for speaking their views – particularly on issues of the day. At this event, speakers will explore the current state of free speech within related topics such as politics and populism, faith, and truth.

Language: Bilingual (live interpretation available) 

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Emilie Nicolas is a columnist with Le Devoir and host of Canadaland’s podcast “Détours.” She is also a frequent media commentator, analyst, public speaker, educator and consultant on public policy, equity, human rights, international cooperation, race and gender issues. She is a regular contributor to CBC and Radio-Canada, and has been published in several journals, magazines and newspapers, both in French and English. Emilie is the recipient of a Harry Jerome Award for leadership along with a Governor General’s Award in Commemoration of the Person's Case.


Jocelyn Maclure, FRSC, is recognized as both an internationally leading academic philosopher and one of the most relevant public intellectuals in the Quebec and Canadian public spheres. First known for his work in moral and political philosophy on the pluralism of values, public reason, human rights and cultural diversity, he has established himself as one of the main thinkers of secularism, laïcité and freedom of conscience and religion.

Alexie Tcheuyap, FRSC, is Full Professor, Associate Vice-President and Vice-Provost at the University of Toronto. A Visiting Professor in South Africa, the United States, Germany and France, his scholarship focuses on African literary, cinema and media studies. In addition to dozens of articles in various journals and collectives, he has directed and codirected numerous publications. Among the several books he has published are Autoritarisme, presse et violence au Cameroun (2014), Avoir peur (2019, with H. Tchumkam) and African Documentary Cinema (Routledge, 2025). He is a Senior Fellow of the European Institute for Advanced Studies and Massey College and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (FRSC).

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