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The RSC College was launched in 2014 to recognize excellence in the emerging generation of Canadian scholars, artists and scientists. The College is a single body that regroups highly diverse fields of research enterprise, scholarly practice and artistic endeavor in recognition of the fact that, increasingly, collective efforts across disciplines enhance impact in addressing the wicked global and domestic issues of our time 

But what does interdisciplinarity really mean, and how does it work? A working group was established by the College to explore these ideas. Ultimately the group grew to comprise 57 College members from 32 institutions across eight provinces, representing disciplines from music to law to microbiology. The product of this working group is a 57-member article published in FACETS, the official journal of the Academy of Science of the RSC. 

As Canada and the world confront COVID-19, scholarly work demonstrating the opportunities of interdisciplinarity are especially timely. The RSC proudly encourages the broad dissemination of this outstanding achievement.