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Dear RSC Friends and Colleagues,
I would like to update you on RSC activities since my note of March 31
First, due to the dedication of over 100 committee members and Academy and College Presidents and Secretaries, the core work of membership selection has continued on-schedule, with six virtual committee meetings this week alone. The adjudication of over 500 dossiers is made possible by the time invested by our colleagues. My sincere thanks to each one of you for efforts in ensuring the sine qua non of the RSC. 
Second, we have been delighted with the response from the membership in identifying major societal challenges Canada will confront in response to and recovery from COVID-19. The data we have received will inform our focused work as we move forward. Thank you for having responded en si grand nombre! 
We are now in a position to take next steps in helping support Canada’s response to and recovery from COVID-19. I am pleased to report that the RSC Task Force on COVID-19 has been established with a mandate to provide informed responses to major societal challenges in response to and recovery from COVID-19. The Task Force is chaired by Tom Marrie (Dalhousie University) and includes Tim Caulfield (University of Alberta), Colleen Flood (University of Ottawa), Esyllt Jones (University of Manitoba), Sharon Straus (University of Toronto) and Jeff Turnbull (Ottawa Inner City Health). I am personally most grateful to them all for accepting this challenge, especially given that several of them are currently on the front lines combatting COVID-19.   
Third, we continue to work collaboratively with academies around the world in common cause. The COVID-19 declaration of the G Science Academies was released today, and it is available here. We have ensured timely receipt of the statement by the Prime Minister, members of Cabinet, the Chief Public Health Officer and the Chief Science Advisor. In our letter we also noted the establishment of the Task Force, and emphasised our readiness to assist the Government of Canada.
We are tremendously grateful for the contributions of so many, and while the challenges are daunting, together we will rise to meet them. 
Please be in touch with your suggestions, and accept our best wishes for the long weekend.