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Appointed an Officer

Pieter Cullis, O.C., FRSC | Elected 2004
The University of British Columbia

For his contributions to the advancement of biomedical research and drug development, and for his mentorship of the next generation of scientists and entrepreneurs.

Connie J. Eaves, O.C., FRSC | Elected 1994
The University of British Columbia

For advancing our understanding of cancer development, and for her national and international leadership in stem cell biology.

Geoffrey T. Fong, O.C., FRSC | Elected 2017
University of Waterloo

For his research into improved risk messaging on tobacco products and for his role in reducing the global tobacco epidemic.

Evelyn L. Forget, O.C., FRSC | Elected 2021 
University of Manitoba.

For advancing anti-poverty initiatives in Canada and around the world as a leading health economics researcher.

Dr. Forget’s research focuses on economic inequality and population health, particularly the health consequences of social policies.

Frances Henry, O.C., FRSC | Elected 1989
York University

For her groundbreaking contributions to the study of racism in contemporary democratic society.

Alejandro G. Marangoni, O.C, FRSC. | Elected 2018
University of Guelph

For his contributions to organic chemistry and for his groundbreaking work developing emulsions to replace saturated and trans fats in foods.

Roderick R. McInnes, O.C., O.Ont., FRSC | Elected 2001
McGill University

For his continued contributions to the field of neurogenetics and for his strong leadership within Canada’s research community.

This is a promotion within the Order.

D. R. Fraser Taylor, O.C., FRSC | Elected 2007
Carleton University

For his innovative contributions to cartography, and for spearheading the theoretical and practical development of cybercartography.

Verena Tunnicliffe, O.C. FRSC | Elected 1992
University of Victoria

For her outstanding contributions to ocean sciences and for being a pioneer in the scientific exploration of the deep sea.

Appointed a Member

Michael Patrick Collins, C.M., FRSC | Elected 2011
University of Toronto

For his seminal work as an internationally renowned structural engineer who has focused on the behaviour of concrete subjected to shear.

Gerald Friesen, C.M., FRSC | Elected 2001
University of Manitoba

For his contributions to Canadian historical discourse through his inclusive and comprehensive research on Indigenous and ethnic groups in western regions.

Walter N. Hardy, C.M., FRSC | Elected 1980
The University of British Columbia

For his pioneering contributions to the fields of particle physics, materials science and high-temperature superconductivity, as a distinguished theorist and experimentalist.

Pierre Legendre, C.M., O.Q., FRSC | Elected 1992
Université de Montréal

For pushing the boundaries of community ecology as a pioneer of numerical ecology, as well as for his broad mentorship.

Ralph Nilson, C.M., FRSC | Elected 2019
Vancouver Island University

For his exemplary leadership as a university administrator, and for his student advocacy and commitment to the process of reconciliation.

Barry Smit, C.M., O.Ont., FRSC | Elected 2016
University of Guelph

For his contributions to our understanding of climate change impacts and adaptation, and for his mentorship of the next generation of climate change scientists.

Sharon Elizabeth Straus, C.M., RSC College | Elected 2016
University of Toronto

For her contributions to the field of knowledge translation and for her mentorship in the field of epidemiology.

Curtis A. Suttle, C.M., FRSC | Elected 2008
The University of British Columbia

For his innovative scholarship in the area of marine virology and for his mentorship of the next generation of scientists.

Jean-Marie Toulouse, C.M., O.Q., FRSC | Elected 1997
Université de Montréal

For his leadership in the growth of HEC Montréal, and for his pioneering research in the fields of business and entrepreneurship.

Luc Vinet, C.M., O.Q., MSRC | Elected 2018
Université de Montréal

For his pivotal role in the evolution of mathematical physics and for his leadership as an academic administrator.

Peter Zandstra, C.M., FRSC | Elected 2014
The University of British Columbia

For his pioneering leadership in the field of stem cell bioengineering and its subsequent innovative health and economic impacts.