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Janine Brodie, FRSC
RSC Council | President, Academy of Social Sciences
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Dr. Janine Brodie, FRSC, CM, Distinguished University Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science, University of Alberta

Dr. Brodie has written extensively on many of the core challenges of Canadian politics and governance, including regionalism, gender politics, social policy, and citizenship discourses. Dr. Brodie’s multifaceted contributions to Canada’s social sciences can be grouped under three conceptual umbrellas. 1. gender and politics; 2. political economy and governance; and 3. citizenship studies. Dr. Brodie’s long-standing intellectual engagement with gender and politics has been a major force in establishing and defining this field of research: first, by exploring obstacles to political representation and then, by tracking both opportunities and constraints for gender-based claims- and policy-making within both post-war social liberal and contemporary neoliberal governing paradigms. Her extensive contributions to the study of political economy and governance have focused on partisan politics and identity, regionalism, globalization, continental integration, neoliberal governing practices, and shifting social policy regimes.

Dr. Brodie’s work on citizenship moves beyond decontextualized models of liberal democratic citizenship by tracking shifting national narratives about what she terms as “citizen-state” security bargains, which have defined the iconic Canadian (the included), various disciplinary subjects (the excluded), and the parameters of social justice. Her most recent edited volume, Contemporary Inequalities and Social Justice in Canada (UTP 2018) explores the ways in which neoliberal governing experiments embed social and political insecurities in everyday Canadian life. The book invites Canadians to reimagine social justice in ways that recognize Canada’s increasing diversity, racialization and indigeneity, and the precariousness experienced by many (especially young) Canadians. Dr. Brodie has organized the Annual Hurtig Lecture on the Future of Canada since 2005. She also has taken leading roles in the governance of the academy, both at the U of A and in the Royal Society of Canada. Her research and leadership have been recognized with, among others, a Trudeau Fellowship, the RSC Innis-Gerin Medal in the Social Sciences, a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, the U of A University Cup, and, most recently, appointment to the Order of Canada.