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On Day 2 of the 2020 Celebration of Excellence and Engagement, the lens  broadened from initiatives launched in response to the pandemic to key themes of the RSC’s 2018-2022 Strategic Plan including  inclusive excellence, sustainability, science engagement and the future of higher education.

Science Engagement Around the World

What are leading practices domestically and internationally in engaging children and the public in science?



End-of-Life Decision Making

In Fall of 2020, the RSC published a Policy Briefing on End-of-Life Decision Making. What are the report’s key findings and recommendations for next steps?

Policy Briefing | End-of-Life Decision Making: Policy and Statutory Progress



Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls: Next Steps

The MMIWG process and the report are integral steps in a journey that now requires renewed and accelerated efforts from policymakers, from institutions, and from individuals.


Workshop on RSC Nomination Dossiers

The session provides guidance to Fellows, Members of the College, and institutions who are considering nominating individuals for membership and RSC medals and awards. This year, Members who have served on selection committees in the past will gather to discuss strategies and tactics toward optimizing nominations.


The Past, Present and Future of Higher Education in Canada

The past, current, and incoming Chairs of Universities Canada discussed key challenges and opportunities facing universities as they shape their future.


Romanowski Lecture

This lecture provided a forum to explore some of the most urgent challenges facing the environment, and the research that is contributing to addressing these challenges.


Sustainable Oceans <-> Sustainable Diets

Sustainable diets offer an opportunity to support marine biodiversity on terms that not only promote health but are also economically viable, culturally sensitive, and responsive to diverse urban and rural needs and aspirations as well as regional differences in Canada. The RSC and RSC Atlantic have been working on a broadly interdisciplinary initiative on Sustainable Diets to Sustainable Oceans, and this session featured experts from this initiative.


Who are you? (Re) Defining Individuals and Collectives

The recent popularity of and similar genetic background search organizations along with growing interest in one’s ‘roots’/families of origin raises questions about the centrality of genes to personal and collective identities and the complex intertwining of social, biological and cultural dimensions of human identities and categories. This session explored these issues past and present, highlighting what might emerge in coming years.


Inclusive Excellence Around the World

This panel provided an overview of the idea of inclusive excellence, its origins and deployment in the post-secondary sector and related agencies, and the policies and strategies that are currently being deployed to advance the goals of equity, diversity and inclusion.


Infoveillance: Data, Privacy, Equality and Surveillance

The RSC Committee on Public Engagement has established a working group to consider the implications of surveillance, data, privacy and equality. What are the areas of priority concern and next steps?