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OTTAWA / June 13 / Meltwater / The Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS) and the Royal Society of Canada (RSC) have established an expert panel to assess Canada’s role in global health and to identify opportunities for Canada to enhance its leadership.

There are crucial questions related to Canada’s global health “footprint”: What impact has the pandemic had on Canada’s engagement in global health? What are some of the urgent next steps as we emerge from the pandemic, such that Canada can be true to its announced values of equity, human rights, and global citizenship?  
The expert panel will study the history of Canada’s engagement in global health, the recent period including the COVID-19 pandemic, and future opportunities for Canada’s to play a leadership role as a middle power.
“The timing is excellent, as we begin to emerge from the pandemic, for an independent analysis of Canada’s position and aspirations in global health,” jointly affirmed Dr. Alain Gagnon (President, Royal Society of Canada) and Dr. James (Jay) Cross (President, Canadian Academy of Health Sciences). “We are delighted to be undertaking this important work together with a distinguished panel co-chaired by Dr. Tim Evans and Dr. Kelley Lee.”

Further information on the panel, whose report is anticipated in early 2024, is available here.  

For additional information, contact Kayla Bimm (CAHS) and Erika Kujawski (RSC).

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