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In each of these opportunities, it will always be possible to do more but the initial investment of time is only 2-4 hours! With modest investment, there is big impact! If you are interested, please contact Amelia at


Do you have expertise in:

  • The lifecycle of clothing and the Earths Carbon Cycle.
  • Emissions “hot spots” in the life-cycle of clothing and the impacts of our clothing choices on climate action.
  • How to improve decision-making in: clothing production, types of material, sources of clothing, usage (i.e. washing, drying), and disposal.
  • Non-proprietary Carbon Calculators to determine the carbon footprint of a piece of clothing and/or the development of a similar engaging activity vis-à-vis clothing.
  • With Reputable sources that provide information in a level of granularity suitable for youth.

STEM Teaching and Learning

Do you have expertise in:

  • Professional learning pathways in the areas of STEM and STEM education and learning in the modern classroom (open, invitational, many perspectives).
  • The foundational and future looking knowledge and skills needed to be competent in STEM.
  • The best ways to talk about those foundational components of STEM?

Indigenous Ways of Knowing

Do you have expertise in:

  • Indigenous perspectives in STEM disciplines and how it can further diversity and inclusion in science.
  • How to honour indigenous ways of knowing while bringing individuals, without that background, into the conversation.
  • How we can authentically weave together Indigenous ways of knowing and western approaches to science.
  • How a Canadian youth curriculum reflects an expanded worldview to complement Western science.


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