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March 2020

Dear Colleagues

2020 is the third year of our strategic plan and the Board of Directors and Council continue to build on the progress made in the three key priorities of our strategic plan.  

The primary focus of the RSC must remain the recognition of excellence and as noted in my greeting from December, one priority of Council for 2020 is the establishment of the Committee on Fellowship and College Membership. At our recent meeting, Council refined the areas of focus for this committee’s mandate.  The committee will start its work in the coming weeks, and we anticipate a number of check-in points to Council so that their reflections and policy recommendations are discussed.  Ultimately the work of the Committee on Fellowship and College Membership will provide the groundwork to ensure that the RSC not only continues, but innovates, with respect to best practices domestically and globally when embracing inclusive excellence. 

Furthermore, the Board and Council are focused on continual enhancement of transparency. Toward this end, you will notice that, in addition to the “Resources” page on the website where new and updated policies are posted, there will also be pages dedicated to standing committees of the Board and Council.  

Internationally, one important activity is our continued engagement with the other G7 Academies. I would like to acknowledge the International Secretary, Paul Young and his team of RSC Members, who provided valuable feedback on the 2020 draft G7 statements addressing basic research, biodiversity and digital health. The final versions of these statements will be finalized at a meeting in March.

In keeping with our success in hosting Research Summits in a format that aims to connect the science/policy/society interface, the RSC will hold a  G7 Research Summit on “The Future of Digital Health”. In his report from the Executive Director, Darren elaborates the details of this auspicious event. 

With respect the Sustaining Momentum priority of the strategic plan, I have received support and encouragement to pursue the establishment of the President’s Advisory Committee, with a mandate to initiate efforts on domestic and international partnership and fundraising.  The goal is to ensure that our current momentum is appropriately supported and expanded over the next decade.  

If you have any questions about our ongoing activities, ideas about initiatives we might undertake to support our strategic objectives, or other matters you wish to raise, please do not hesitate in contacting me.


Jeremy McNeil


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