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May 2020

Dear RSC Friends and Colleagues,

As a scientist and as a Canadian I am very proud to work with colleagues, from different disciplines and across generations, who are dedicated to contributing to a better future. 

Two months ago, on March 13, I sent the first communiqué to RSC members outlining the protocols the RSC was installing initiating in view of COVID-19. We then invited the engagement of Members in COVID-related initiatives, and the response has been extraordinary. This eNews contains a series of updates on activities related to the RSC sine qua non, and also outlines the ways in which over 500 Members of the RSC community who have made direct contributions to our various activities over the past eight weeks.  

These 60 days have demonstrated the importance and effectiveness of our recent focus on strengthening our governance and management processes. There have been two meetings of the Board of Directors, a meeting of the RSC Council, and multiple meetings of standing committees. Collectively, the Board and Council have overseen the development of a multifaceted business continuity strategy that supports our strategic priorities and their advancement through Walter House. The focus on our sine qua non has been steadfast: at its meeting on May 4, and in spite of unprecedented circumstances, Council ratified the provisional list of new members for 2020 on time. 

The RSC Task Force on COVID-19 has been very active addressing a broad diversity of challenges that Canadians are facing, and will continue to face in the months ahead. We are also developing the framework for our future activities so as to ensure the health and safety of all members of our community. We are all looking forward to welcoming the Class of 2020. 

This eNews, starting with an update from the Executive Director, contains a great deal of updates on domestic and international activities. behalf of the Board and the Council, I’d like to thank you very much for your continued support in hopes that you will continue to respond en si grand nombre to our invitations to engage.




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