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March 2020

In my greeting from December, I described the contributions of members of the Walter House team to our collective activities. In January, we were delighted to welcome Christopher Dragan to the team as Membership and Engagement Coordinator. A McGill graduate, Chris has experience in the diplomatic sector, having worked in Belgium and in Japan, as well as with the private sector in Canada. He brings a wealth of ideas and energy to the team, and he has already found his footing with selection committees and award processes. Welcome, Chris!

We have our eyes on three activities in the coming weeks. First, building on the success of The RSC Policy Briefing on Sustaining Canadian Marine Biodiversity, we will be releasing The RSC Policy Briefing on End-of-Life Decision-Making in events in the spring. The Policy Briefing Committee has done excellent work, and we look forward to sharing the results in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Second, as Jeremy noted in his greeting, the G7 Research Summit on The Future of Digital Health will be held on May 5 at the Museum of Nature. Building on the successes of 2018 and 2019, this year’s G7 partnership consortium includes domestic and international academies, universities, research funding agencies, and embassies of G7 countries based in Ottawa. Our G20 work has also begun to accelerate.

Third, and as noted in this eNews, we are delighted to be hosting Francoise Baylis for her book launch, a few weeks after having hosted Daniel Levitin for his. Part of our open-doors policy at Walter House includes an invitation for members of our community to work with us in launching new initiatives. Please be in touch so that we might continue to schedule these terrific opportunities at Walter House.

These three activities are in keeping with our strategic imperatives to enhance impact, to provide opportunities for new partnerships across disciplines and across generations, and to stand up for Canada, shoulder-to-shoulder with others.

The doors at Walter House are always open. Please visit when you can.



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