The RSC Celebrates UNESCO’s World Water Day

In honour of UNESCO World Water Day, the Royal Society of Canada is proud to present the book “Urban Water Challenges in the Americas. A Perspective from the Academies of Sciences.” 

With the support of the Academies of Sciences, UNESCO and IAP, 120 scientists and specialists of the Americas, have been working for two years to address one of the most challenging and complex problems for our modern societies: Water in cities and its adequate and better use. This book is a comprehensive country-by-country assessment of the status of urban water needs of 20 countries in the Americas. The Americas are amongst the most urbanized of regions in the world (>80% of inhabitants live in urban settings) and the challenges of urban water management are large. This book will make a valuable contribution to knowledge about urban water challenges and will be an important source of information for national policy makers as they manage this crucial resource.

The RSC would like to extend its gratitude to Dr. Banu Örmeci from Carleton University for her extensive role in writing the Canadian chapter. We would like, to also thank the water Program co-chairs Blanca Jimenez-Cisneros (Mexico), Jose Tundisi (Brazil), Katherine Vannem (Nicaragua) and the Editorial Committee, who played a critical leadership role in both initiating and bringing this complex project to completion. Finally, we would like to thank the Global Network of Academies of Sciences (IAP) and the UNESCO International Hydrological Program for their generous support of this project.

The book in its entirety is available for download.