The Royal Society of Canada Announces Departure of Executive Director

Maryse Lassonde, President of the Royal Society of Canada, has announced the departure of Executive Director Iris Almeida-Côté, effective May 10, 2016.

Having joined the Royal Society of Canada in 2015, Ms. Almeida-Côté renovated and brought the Walter House to Code, making it a safe, secure and healthy environment. She also worked to ensure the RSC office has a more efficient, cost effective IT system so that all data is efficiently backed up and stored.

The President writes: “I am grateful to Ms. Almeida-Côté for having devoted so much energy to the renovation of Walter House and for having assisted us in creating our new statutory committees”.

The RSC’s Human Resource Committee is working to find her replacement.

To read a Thank you and Good Bye message from Iris Almeia-Côté, click here.