President Yolande Grisé Congratulates Alice Munro

Dear Alice Munro,

On behalf of the Royal Society of Canada and on my own behalf, I extend my warmest congratulations for the prestigious 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature awarded to you on October 10. As a recipient of our Lorne Pierce Medal in 1993 and as a Canadian, the RSC is very proud of you. Our pride is mingled with the exaltation of all Canadians whose great uproar could be heard today across the country from coast to coast to coast, and all the way to Munro’s Books celebrating its 50th anniversary this year in Victoria!  Bravo!

Thank you, dear Alice Munro, for the invaluable delight you have given to writers, to artists, to your readers, and to Canada.


Yolande Grisé, FRSC
President, the Royal Society of Canada