Message from President Grisé

Dear colleagues,

After purchasing its first headquarters, Walter House in Ottawa, and implementing an ambitious Strategic Plan 2012-2017, the Royal Society of Canada is pursuing its makeover by launching a new version of its website the year of its 130th anniversary. Given the extent of the transformation, two phases are planned for the new site’s layout.  

One of the site’s main new features is that it will become a key tool for promoting and sharing information, especially as it will serve as the central office for the Expert Panel reports of all of the national academies in the world. The site is also designed to include discussion forums for individual members, institutional members and RSC partners. From now on it will facilitate even more discussions about the work of the Society’s Task Forces or the various Committees involved in studying the issues concerning the RSC’s renewal. Lastly, from a practical point of view, the website should enable individual members to pay their annual membership dues online and simplify the work of institutional members by enabling them to keep their records regarding the RSC up-to-date.

The Royal Society of Canada’s website will interest anyone who considers the advancement and exchange of knowledge, diversity of research contributions, and the development and participation of the best talent to serve as many as possible to be among their top priorities.

Please allow me to congratulate the management of the RSC national secretariat, Erika Kujawski, Senior Officer, Communications, and colleague Jonathan Lomas, FRSC, Associate Editor, RSC, for this wonderful initiative. The goals of improving our website are to ensure transparency, strengthening and interaction of the Society’s relationships, and greater awareness and sharing of knowledge to benefit the public’s interest.

I encourage each and every one of you to satisfy your curiosity by visiting our new website at And to share it with others.  

Yours truly,

Yolande Grisé, FRSC