Dr. Stella Swanson Joins Expert Panel

The Royal Society of Canada is excited to announce that Dr. Stella Swanson has agreed to join the Expert Panel studying the Behaviour and Environmental Impacts of Crude Oil Released into Aqueous Environments. Dr. Swanson is an aquatic ecologist and risk assessment specialist, with a focus is on strategic environmental planning, public consultation and engagement, and expert review.  She is committed to the vision of collaborative decision-making based upon effective engagement of regulators, industry, community representatives, and Aboriginal groups. 

Dr. Swanson joins on the panel Dr. Kenneth Lee (Chair), Dr. Michel Boufadel, Dr. Bing Chen, Dr. Julia Foght, Dr. Peter Hodson, and Dr. Albert Venosa. To read Dr. Swanson’s full biography and for more information about the panel, please click here.