Bearing Witness: Perspectives on War and Peace from the Arts and Humanities

“The inspiration guiding this volume is twofold. In a practical sense, these essays emerged from the 2008 Annual Symposium of the Royal Society of Canada; in a creative sense they represent a selection of responses to issues surrounding war and peace as these activities are perceived - and challenged - by scholars in the humanities and by artists. The 2008 Symposium, called The Cultures of War and Peace, was organized by Academy I of the RSC, the Academy devoted to the Arts and Humanities, and the theme was chosen both for its urgent timeliness and because it seemed then, as now, that the voices and views of people working in the areas included in the broad category of “arts and humanities” were rarely heard in contemporary discussions of war or peace (Sherrill Grace, Bearing Witness, p. 3-4).”

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