The Royal Society of Canada Announces Huron University College as its 56th Institutional Member

The Royal Society of Canada is pleased to announce that Huron University College has joined the Institutional Member Programme as its 56th Institutional Member.  Huron is an independent, degree-granting institution, which has been affiliated with Western University since the late nineteenth century. Apart from honorary degrees in divinity, its degree-granting authority is currently held in abeyance, under the terms of their Affiliation Agreement with Western University. Huron opens the national opportunities from exchanges and work/study programs to volunteering for development agencies. “We are tremendously proud to join the Royal Society of Canada. For more than 150 years Huron has been a place of exceptional undergraduate education and research so it is especially fitting that we partner with this distinguished collegium. On behalf of Huron’s diverse faculty of experts who operate in the spirit of collaboration and community, I would like to express my excitement and thanks” says Dr. Barry Craig, Principal of Huron University College. The RSC hopes to establish a productive and sustainable partnership with Huron University College.